Jan 31, 2007

Organizing content

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Organizing content
First Step in Creating a Presentation. I firmly believe in starting your presentation with an outline. An outline helps you focus first on your content and how it's organized. After all, isn't what you're saying more important than how you say it?
To create an outline in Microsoft Word, using Heading 1 style for slide titles, Heading 2 style for first-level bulleted text, etc. Then choose File Send To and choose Microsoft PowerPoint. Or instead, return to PowerPoint, choose File Open, choose All Outlines from the Files of Type drop-down list in the dialog box, find your outline document and double-click it.
To create the outline in PowerPoint, click the outline pane (before PP 2000, click the Outline button first) and type the title of the first slide. Press Enter. Click Demote on the Outlining toolbar to type bulleted text on the same slide. See my book, How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2003, for exact steps and details.

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