Jan 24, 2007

How to make PowerPoint video for Youtube and Myspace or place it on your website

As PowerPoint is an easy and powerful tool to make beautiful slide show. We always use it to make photo albums to share with family and friends. And if you think your slide show is very funny or unique, you may want to upload it to YouTube or MySpace. But YouTube and MySpace only accept 'FLV' format .How can we turn the ppt album to FLV movie? This tutorial aims to help you follow several easy steps to make a photo album video and convert it to YouTube and MySpace video format.
1,A 'ppt' or 'pps' photo album made by PowerPoint.
2, PPT2DVD(A tool to convert PowerPoint slides to video file).
3,Riva FLV encode or Macromedia Flash 8 or Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004
YouTube and MySpace accept video format "mpg" , so we only need to convert the powerpoint file to mpg format to upload it to YouTube and MySpace.
For some webmasters like to place "flv" movie on there web sites. I also suggest a tool to convert "mpg" to "flv" for webmasters.
1,Convert PowerPoint 'ppt/pps' to 'mpg'
1.1 Download PPT2DVD from http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/download.php?sid=4 . Install then run it.
1.2 Press ‘Browse’ to add your PowerPoint slides file . Select the Path of your file and double click the file to add it. Then Press “Next’ in the bottom.

In the Set Output Options step, select ‘Convert to Video File(s)’’ ‘MPEG-2’ Format.
Choose the folder to where your MPG video is output to.
Then Press ‘Next’ until finish.

At the end you’ll get a ‘MPG’ video file.

2. Convert the ‘MPG’ file to ‘FLV’ format.(for webmasters only)
2.1 Use Riva encode to convert mpg to flv.
Just press ‘browse’ to select the file and ‘encode’ to start. For special effect you may check some options on the right.
After it finished the encoding, press preview to view your Flv movie.

2.2 Use Macromedia video encode to convert mpg to flv. Make sure you had installed
Find the ‘Video Encoder’(Video Exporter for Flash MX 2004) from Start---Programs—Macromedia--------Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder.

Run it and you’ll find a program window been opened.

Press ‘add’ to add the ‘mpg’ file you have created before, and then press start.
After waiting a few minutes ,a ‘FLV’ video for Youtube and Myspace come to earth.
Find it in the output folder and open it with a ‘FLVPlayer’ to preview .Then you can upload it to your Youtube of Myspace.
Enjoy it!

The tools I mentioned above can be downloading here:
1. PPT2DVD : http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/download.php?sid=4
2. Riva encode : http://www.download.com/Riva-FLV-Encoder/3000-2140_4-10381392.html?tag=lst-0-2
3. Riva FLV Player:
4. Macromedia Flash MX 2004 : http://www.adobe.com/Macromedia Flash 8 or Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004.

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