Jan 4, 2011

Tips to Make Wishes for 2011

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Everywhere now is involved with the atmosphere of New Year. It tells us that New Year of 2011 is around the corner. How is your 2010? And what kind of year would you expect in coming 2011? At the end of 2010, we may spare sometime to review our past 2010, and make wishes and plan our new life in the coming 2011.

Summarize Your 2010
We have joy but also tears in 2010. Photos are something good to record our life. It shows vividly what events you have gone through in the past days. We may organize our thoughts and summarize our life based on the photos. Slide show tools are helpful for making your photo albums and share them online. And some people love to make summarization report with PowerPoint program. If you are good at making presentions with PowerPoint, it can be definitely a great tool to create compelling summarization report with pictures and send it to your friends. It is a time of sharing. We are not going to hide ourselves even on the Internet. To let more people know where have you been, what have you done, what how is your life going, you may convert your reports of photo albums or summarization reports to videos and upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube. Samuel is an enthusiast who loves travelling, and he is willing to sharing his stories to people around the world. After making a slide show with pictures and some text, he converted the PowerPoint slide show to video with PowerPoint to video converter. So everyone can enjoy his wonderful story online.

Make Wishes for 2011
Tomorrow is another day. And we love to hug the New Year with sweet wishes with bright smiles. So what are your New Year wishes? Do you have some ambitious goals that your have been trying to achieve?Do you want to blaze some trail and do something challenging? We may write down our wishes and plan our new life in the next year. Now more and more people don’t want to hide their wishes and dreams; they show their wishes to friends and motivate themselves to make the progress in future. So, why not make your wishes visually? Making wishes but also a general plan on some visible media can reminds you to act and make your wishes come true. So, just type your wishes on your presentation file and convert it to video and share it online or distribute it on your portable devices.So, are you ready for 2011? You may start your new year in a good beginning. well begun is half done. Best wishes for you and happy New Year!

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