Jan 30, 2007

Using a Summary Slide for a Question & Answer Session

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A summary slide creates a slide listing the slide names of selected slides. Besides using a summary slide for summaries, you can use it to create agenda slides.
A nice use for the summary slide is for a question & answer session. Here's how:
Select all the slides you want to include. You might want to leave out the first slide, for example, because presumably no one will ask you any questions about it.
Click Summary Slide on the Outlining toolbar.
PowerPoint places the summary slide before the selected slides. Go into slide sorter view and move the slide to the end of your PowerPoint presentation.
Hyperlink each slide title back to its slide. (Select the text and choose Insert > Hyperlink.)
Be sure to add hyperlinks on each of the slides back to the summary slide. If you attach the hyperlink to an image or AutoShape, it will be invisible.

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