Jan 4, 2011

Tips to Make Wishes for 2011

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Everywhere now is involved with the atmosphere of New Year. It tells us that New Year of 2011 is around the corner. How is your 2010? And what kind of year would you expect in coming 2011? At the end of 2010, we may spare sometime to review our past 2010, and make wishes and plan our new life in the coming 2011.

Summarize Your 2010
We have joy but also tears in 2010. Photos are something good to record our life. It shows vividly what events you have gone through in the past days. We may organize our thoughts and summarize our life based on the photos. Slide show tools are helpful for making your photo albums and share them online. And some people love to make summarization report with PowerPoint program. If you are good at making presentions with PowerPoint, it can be definitely a great tool to create compelling summarization report with pictures and send it to your friends. It is a time of sharing. We are not going to hide ourselves even on the Internet. To let more people know where have you been, what have you done, what how is your life going, you may convert your reports of photo albums or summarization reports to videos and upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube. Samuel is an enthusiast who loves travelling, and he is willing to sharing his stories to people around the world. After making a slide show with pictures and some text, he converted the PowerPoint slide show to video with PowerPoint to video converter. So everyone can enjoy his wonderful story online.

Make Wishes for 2011
Tomorrow is another day. And we love to hug the New Year with sweet wishes with bright smiles. So what are your New Year wishes? Do you have some ambitious goals that your have been trying to achieve?Do you want to blaze some trail and do something challenging? We may write down our wishes and plan our new life in the next year. Now more and more people don’t want to hide their wishes and dreams; they show their wishes to friends and motivate themselves to make the progress in future. So, why not make your wishes visually? Making wishes but also a general plan on some visible media can reminds you to act and make your wishes come true. So, just type your wishes on your presentation file and convert it to video and share it online or distribute it on your portable devices.So, are you ready for 2011? You may start your new year in a good beginning. well begun is half done. Best wishes for you and happy New Year!

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Dec 20, 2010

Make Good Use of PowerPoint to DVD Converter and Promote Your Business in this Christmas Season

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The happy Christmas is coming soon! For business men, it is a great promotion time, as almost all the people will definitely spend a lot of money on Christmas goods although the economic is still not that good this year. The opportunity is here, but how to catch it and get more profits in this Christmas season? If your are creative enough, there will be many good ideas. And there are some helps that can be done by PowerPoint to DVD tools.

Design video ads to promote your products
Having some professional design companies create ads can be expensive. In fact, like what I said before, if you are creative enough, you may create your own ads by yourself! Some simple tools like Microsoft PowerPoint program is just what you need, and it is a common tool that most of us can operate it quite well. You can add pictures, animation, transition, Smartart (if you are using PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010) audio files and even video clips, that will make your design look good. The problem is that PowerPoint files can not be played in many situations, such as TV and digital signage. However, PowerPoint to DVD converter is specially developed to solve this program. Import your created PowerPoint files to this powerful converter, and you will get you video ads in minutes. It will convert your files to videos or DVD movies retaining almost all features of the slide shows.

Burn instructional DVDs for you products
If you are selling products which are not that easy to use, you may need visuals that will show the clients how your product works. You may burn the video as DVDs and distribute them to the clients. The video can be shot with a digital video recorder, or it can be generated from the PowerPoint files with a PowerPoint to DVD converter! As we are concerned, installing a Christmas tree is not an easy job. Mr. Smith, who runs a store selling Christmas tree locks (locks to tye trees on roof rack cars and non-roof rack cars), he makes some DVD copies showing the detailed steps with pictures and illustration in PowerPoint program, then burn the PowerPoint file to DVD with PowerPoint to DVD converter, and distributes them to the clients. That makes him outstanding among the competitors.

Make DVD brochures for your product
This way is quite similar to the first point, but it only shows the basic information of some products, discounts and pricing. We may find DVD brochures are widely use in exhibitions, and they can also be used to boost your sales. You may show your product with a compelling brochure. You can reach potential clients by handing out a brochure listing the advantages of your product. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So what does a DVD brochure worth?
Make good use of PowerPoint to DVD Converter and Promote Your Business in this Christmas holiday. Maximize your imagination and make it a profitable season!
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Sep 6, 2010

Video about How to Convert PowerPoint to AVI

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This video can tell you how to convert PowerPoint to AVI with a PowerPoint to video converter such as Wondershare PPT2Video Pro.

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Aug 25, 2010

Make a Unique Wedding DVD Slideshow Invitation

Next month, Sandy’s wedding will be held in Sheng An church. She was immersed in a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. However wedding invitation bothered her these days. Sandy hope I can give her a unique and personalized idea about wedding invitation. She wants this invitation can share her memorable memories and happy time with others. An idea flash into my mind, wedding DVD slideshow invitation can satisfy her.

DVD wedding slideshow invitations can seamlessly combine the traditional written invitation with photos, music, personal messages and your love story into a DVD disc for making a unique and creative wedding invitation. Please follow me to make a personalized DVD wedding invitation to invite your friends for wedding ceremony.

Tools you need:

PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to DVD converter can help you to make a personalized and meaningful wedding DVD slideshow invitation easily.

How to make a Wedding DVD Slideshow Invitation with PowerPoint and PowerPoint to DVD converter?

1. Wedding PowerPoint templates: Your friends will be delighted as they watch your beautiful wedding DVD slideshow. There are many free PowerPoint templates you can download from websites. You can choose a sweet background for your wedding DVD slideshow invitation. http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/freetemplates/free-wedding-powerpoint-templates.html#240 http://www.acoolsoft.com/free-powerpoint-templates/wedding-powerpoint-templates.html#240 You just need open your PowerPoint and select the wedding PowerPoint template.

2. Wedding songs:

Wedding songs are an important factor for wedding DVD slideshow invitation. They set the general mood and tone for your invitation or ceremony, while also allow you to express your feelings through music.

Here is a list of Top Ten Wedding invitation Songs:

1. Nothing Compares To You. Sinead O’Connor 2. Close To You. Maxi Priest 3. Power of Love. Jennifer Rush 4. Love Me Tender. Elvis Presley 5. I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Elvis Presley 6. Just the Way You Are. Billy Joel 7. When You Say Nothing At All. Ronan Keating 8. From This Moment On. Shania Twain 9. You Made Me Love You. Al Jolson 10. How Deep Is Your Love. Bee Gees

For inserting a song to your slideshow, you just need to click the Insert Sound, then you can insert a selected song to the slideshow from your computer.

3. Wedding photos:

Select photos from your album for wedding DVD slideshow invitation. You can share your love story with your friends from these photos such as wedding pictures. For inserting pictures you need to click Insert Pictures, then select pictures just prepared.

4. Add animations to Wedding slideshow:

Add animations to your photos can spread happiness to your friends with wedding DVD slideshow invitation. Click Animations Custom Animation, then you can customize the animations to the objects in your wedding slideshow.

5. Burn wedding slideshow into DVD disc for distributing to your friends

This is the last step to make a wedding DVD slideshow invitation. In this step, you can use a PowerPoint to DVD converter for burning your slideshow into a DVD disc. Then distribute this unique wedding DVD slideshow invitation for inviting your friends.

Use wedding DVD slideshow invitation for sharing your happy time with your friends.



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Oct 20, 2009

The First PowerPoint to DVD Burner that Receives Windows 7 Certification – Wondershare PPT2DVD 6.0

Oct 19th, 2009 - Wondershare Software Co., Ltd, an innovative provider of consumer software, today announced the release of its flagship product Wondershare PP2DVD V6.0, which is the first PowerPoint to DVD burner that has passed the Windows 7 certification process and received the official “compatible with Windows 7” logo from Microsoft Corp.

Wondershare PPT2DVD V6.0 enables users to burn PowerPoint to DVD for playback on TV through DVD players on Windows 7-based PCs with high compatibility and reliability.

“We are proud to receive the Windows 7 logo certification,” said David Chen, the Director of Marketing of Wondershare, “and excited to announce that the products PPT to Video and PPT2Flash also work perfectly under Windows 7.”

What’s New in Wondershare PPT2DVD 6.0:
- Brand-new application interface
- Simplify the operation process, and improve the ease to use and stability of this product
- Speed up the conversion process by 30% to 50% compared to the last version in average
- More delicate DVD menus added to meet different customer needs

Key Features of Wondershare PPT2DVD:
- Support converting PPSX, PPS, PPTX, PPT to DVD or video
- Create eye-catching DVD menus with delicate built-in DVD menu templates
- Stable conversion process to convert PowerPoint to DVD
- Retain all features in the original PowerPoint

More details about Wondershare PPT2DVD, please visit: http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/ppt2dvd/overview.html

Pricing and Availability:
Wondershare PPT2DVD is a now available at $99.95 per single-user license. A free trial version is available for downloading at: http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/download/download.php

About Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
Established in 2003 and located in Shenzhen, adjacent to the international financial and trade center Hong Kong, Wondershare has extended its business worldwide, consistently dedicated to satisfy customers with diversified consumer software products and services.

Aug 25, 2009

How to Enhance Digital Photo for Photo Album Making

We may take many photos on Holidays and events, like Birthday, Wedding, and Reunion. With these beautiful or funny pictures, we would like to make a photo album with animation and music to bring more life to the pictures.

If you have PowerPoint, it is recommended in my old posts to make digital photo album.

Before we start to add photos to our photo album project, we may need to optimize or enhance the picture with some special effects.

We do not have professional photo editing tool Photoshop. What can we do?

Don’t worry. We can use some online free photo editor to do this.

The following two recommended websites would help you.



We can use them to:

1> Rotate, Crop and Resize it.

2> Adjust its basic effects.

3> Enhance it by applying special or artistic effects.

4> Add frames, texts (or glitter texts) or even watermark.

Here below are three samples made by me.

To remove the red-eye with one click


To add frame


To apply artistic effect and add glitter text


Besides these kinds of online editor, you can also use some shareware to make photo collages for the photo album, digital scrapbook.

If you have Windows PC, you may try this Photo Collage.

If you have Mac, you may try this iCollage tool.

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