Feb 1, 2007

I Use DVD to play my PowerPoint presentation !

Wondershare PPT2DVD 3.9.1--convert powerpoint to dvd

We all have seen those meetings on television. Some of us have even participate one or two of these types of meetings from time to time. This kind of meeting always have someone walks around the room giving a special slide presentation, and we watch that presentation on a screen in front of us. Many of these presentations are made by the famous program called Microsoft PowerPoint. Robert is one of those presenters, he works in a famous school in his city, and he uses PowerPoint for those presentations.
Robert always uses his laptop and a digital projector to show the PowerPoint presentations. But which embarrasses him a lot is that when he goes other organizations or institutions for lecture. He often finds that there is no digital projector for him to show his PowerPoint presentations.
Robert asked his friends for help, then he found that he can use a television to show his PowerPoint presentation for TV is so common use. How can he play a PowerPoint presentation on TV? “I use a tool called PPT2DVD to turn my PowerPoint presentation to a DVD, then I can play it on TV.” Robert says. “I make a DVD menu use PPT2DVD for my PowerPoint presentations and when I control it with the DVD remote , I can choose from the menu which presentation I should play. This allows for the “list view” “thumbnail view” “auto play” and “manual play” “page up” “page down” functions. This is important for changing slides when making presentations.
So now Robert has free run of the lecture room while he’s doing his presentations. And he says : “ I can burn my PowerPoint presentations to DVD and only take a DVD disk in my briefcase to go for the lecture. I also send my Presentations to my friends or supporters in a DVD disk to them to study .
No more awkward cases, Robert is free to be fascinating while he conducts his meetings.
And finally Robert told us, “This application should be a hit with presenters.” We agree.
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