Feb 26, 2007

What is E-learning 2.0

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What is E-learning 2.0
Theoretically speaking , E-Learning 2.0 stands for the second phase of E-learning based on Web 2.0 and the emerging trends in eLearning.
Acutually, the connotative meangings of E-learning fall in key functions.
1. Students create content, collaborate with peers through mechanisms such as blogs, Wikis, threaded discussions, RSS and others to form a learning network with distributed content creation and distribution of responsibilities.
2. It takes advantage of many sources of content aggregated together into learning experiences.
3. It utilizes various tools including online references, courseware, knowledge management, collaboration and search.
The traditional model of eLearning is that publishers created, organized and structured the content into coursesand to be consumed by students. This out-of -date learning modle has been turned on its head. Content now is used rather than read. In most cases, it is reproduced by students instead of producer. When it comes to structure, it is more likely to resemble a language or a conversation rather than a book or a manual.Therefore, the e-learning application begins to look very much like a blogging tool. It represents one node in a web of content, connected to other nodes and content creation services used by other students.
Important trends in E-learning1. Lower effort to compose eLearning solutions based on Web 2.0 technologies and tools2. Demand in corporate settings for training that requires time and that engages learners in the process over a course of time3. Recognition in eLearning of the importance of blended learning4. Student centered design5. The theory of Connectivism6. Free-Libre Open Source Software and open access7. educational blogging

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