Dec 26, 2008

Show your Christmas wishes to the world via YouTube

From home to home and heart to heart from one place to another, the wishes of Christmas, bring us closer to each other. In this Christmas season, you may take part in the family reunion, friends’ party and exchange gift with your friends. The kids are writing letters to the Santa and the parents may busy with shopping. Do you have any other Christmas ideas?

When suffering on the Internet, I found a comedy “Steve Martin - 5 Christmas Wishes” on YouTube. Steve Martin shows his 5 Christmas wishes all over the world. If you like, you can also show your Christmas wishes to all via YouTube, maybe the Santa can meet your wishes.

Two ways for you to show your wishes on YouTube

Recording a video with Video Recorder is the most common way. No professional technology needed, just stand before a video recorder, speak out your Christmas wishes then upload this video onto YouTube. The recommendable video format upload to the YouTube are WMV and MP4 so you may need to convert your video to these formats.


While the second way you may consider is using PowerPoint to show your Christmas wishes and then uploading the PowerPoint to YouTube with PPT to Video like this

Recording videos to show your Christmas wishes is the most direct way but it is hard to edit the video. Using PowerPoint to present your Christmas wishes is better. You can insert the video into PowerPoint, and also record your voice when creating PowerPoint presentations. With many elegant animations and music, PowerPoint can surely present your Christmas withesbetter. 

And any other ideas to show your Christmas wishes?


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