Dec 31, 2008

Share PowerPoint on Slideshare and YouTube

PowerPoint stored on the web may be very convenience to many people.  No need to worry about losing video clips and sound file inserted into PowerPoint when delivery presentation via email, no need to worry about if there are PowerPoint installed on your customers’ computer and the different version of the PowerPoint.  No matter how far the distance is, the PowerPoint can be easily shared with a URL address only with a live Internet connection.

People who want to make sales promotion presentations, courseware and conferencepresentations may benefit a lot from sharing PowerPoint online. The presentation URL is permanent on the Internet and can be easily access.

There are many sites that can share PowerPoint online like SlideshareSlideboomScribedand so on. Currently, Slideshare is the most famous presentation sharing site. But people will not agree with this opinion that Slideshare is the most famous video sharing website. Of course YouTube cannot be ignored. Below are the differences when uploading PowerPoint presentation between Slideshare and YouTube.

Uploading PowerPoint to Slideshare

Support formats: PowerPoint- ppt, pps, pot; OpenOffice- odp, pdf; Apple Keynote- upload as .zip or pdf; Microsoft Office- doc, rtf, xls; OpenOffice- odt, ods, pdf.
For pptx or docx (Microsoft Office 2007+), save in lower version (ppt/doc) or save as pdf.
Max size: 100 MB
Privacy option: share publicly/privately

Slideshare has published a new PowerPoint add-on, SlideShare ribbon for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. With this add-on, you can now manage all your SlideShare uploads from PowerPoint, search through presentations on SlideShare, browse your contacts and groups’ presentations and also download them into PowerPoint.

Disadvantages: When uploading PowerPoint to Slideshare, the sound, animations, video clips in the PowerPoint will lose. What you can see is just a group of static images. And, if you use PowerPoint 2007, you should save your PowerPoint in 2003 or lower version, because now does not support uploading PowerPoint 2007 presentations.

Uploading PowerPoint to YouTube

In fact, YouTube cannot accept any PowerPoint format. But as YouTube is one of the top 3 traffic sites in the world, there must be some methods to make it possible to view PowerPoint on YouTube. Yes, just convert your PowerPoint to MP4 or WMV format, and thenupload PowerPoint to YouTube. Below is the knowledge when uploading PowerPoint video to YouTube.
Learn how to uploading PowerPoint to YouTube

Support formats: MP4, WMV preferred
Max size: 1G
Privacy Option: share publicly/privately

YouTube now support 16 x 9 high definition video, maybe it is new trend in modern video, When converting you PowerPoint to MP4 or WMV, you’d better choose the resolution 1290 720 (16x9 HD) while viewing the YouTube video you can choose the option “watch in HD” below the video thus you can get the best effect.  640 x 480 (4:3 SD) is also viable, while play these videos on YouTube, you can choose the option “watch in high quality” to get the best effect.
And the new function greeting card, made it possible to send video greeting cards to your friends and family. Most importantly, converting PowerPoint to video with PPT to Video then upload to YouTube can retain all animations, sound, video clips in the PowerPoint.

Disadvantage: When sharing PowerPoint in YouTube, the videos are not clear enough if you do not convert your PowerPoint to a HD video. And if the PowerPoint can be uploaded to YouTube directly one day, it will be better for PowerPoint sharing.

Below are two sample video clips, the left is from, the other is from YouTube. You can tell the difference.

PowerPoint on YouTube:
PowerPoint on Slideshare:
PowerPoint embedded in the website:


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