Jun 28, 2007

Share your PowerPoint slide show without computer

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Share your PowerPoint slide show without computer

Have this ever happened to you? You’ve created a compelling PowerPoint slide show with sound tracks and movie clips embedded, however,you have no choice but attach the huge package in an email to share it with others (If the file is larger than 2M, it is always unable to be sent by email), or save it in a flash drive and deliver the hard copy.
The problem is, what if the recipients do not have computer or it is not convenient to use a computer?
I’ll never forget those awkward moments I had in the past:
I created a PowerPoint photo slide show with engaging video and audio, but when I showed it to others on another computer, I found it was too slow to open the big PowerPoint file, and the attached media files can not be properly played during the presentation.
When I was ready to send it to my friends, I found some of my friends have no computer to view the slide show. What a pity that I have no way to send it to them! What’s more, my father almost hadn’t used computer, how can I get a clue to enable him to view my slide show?

Needless to say, the effort I spent on the presentations returned nothing to me but only complaints from audiences, pities of no way to share with friends, and lost opportunities with the customers if it is a business presentation.

Is there a way to wipe out these inconveniences?

After making a few searches, I found there are mainly two methods to solve the problem.
1. Using a screen capture tool to convert PowerPoint slide show to video (Not Recommended)
By converting PowerPoint slide show to video then burn to DVD, It is free to send the DVD to others without worrying about whether they have PowerPoint viewer or even a computer. We can find a television and a DVD Player almost anywhere to play the presentation DVD.
But the resulting DVD generated from video can not be controlled by a DVD remote control like controlling in PowerPoint. I’ve tried Camtasia studio and some other similar screen capture tools, they all have the same problem.
2. Using a professional PowerPoint to DVD burning tool (Recommended)
A professional PowerPoint to DVD burning tool can burn PowerPoint to DVD directly with almost all the PowerPoint slide show elements retained. Such as internal hyperlinks, slide transitions, animations, video and audio. You can also generate DVD menus to navigate audiences, and control the playback such as the slide “Next” and “previous” by a DVD remote just like you control the slide show playback in PowerPoint. And a professional PowerPoint to DVD tool mostly includes the function of converting PowerPoint to video.

So it is better to use a professional PowerPoint to DVD burning tool to burn PowerPoint to DVD.

I was very lucky that I got a free copy of Wondershare DVD Presenter via http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/dvd-presenter , as it’s free, I’m aware that I can’t use it for commercial usage. However I would like to offer a big thanks to GOATD and Wondershare, as I can finally created the DVD presentation with flexible DVD menus. I found with the DVD conversion, the control over menus and end-menus was nice, as well as scaling the video so that it doesn’t lose data from standard television bleed-over (The ‘safe’ zone.) So many applications overlook this aspect and give you a full-screen DVD, with a good portion of your information/text off the side of the screen. You can either have it placed directly to DVD, or set up an ISO if you by some chance want to alter the ISO (or save a backup for repeated copies.)

A terrific advantage of the program is that it gives me the capability to get my presentations to those who don’t have PowerPoint, or indeed, a computer. Anyone can view my PowerPoint slide show on any DVD player worldwide and as I am writing this, the cogs are turning as I contemplate creating promotional DVDs for my business with this genuinely amazing program.

Although there is a tutorial can help people burn PowerPoint to DVD with DVD Presenter step by step, it is nearly no use to me. I can’t vouch for more experienced and seasoned users, but if you, like me, are just delving into the media frenzy, I’d say definitely give it a try.
It is simple just like 1-2-3.
Take an overview of its easy to handle user interface:

Every step is very clear.

The tool can be downloaded from its official site: http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-dvd.html

Now, with a small DVD, I can share my PowerPoint slide show anywhere with a DVD Player and TV, or send it to friends or customers worldwide without any restriction.
You may download the sample of the tool and evaluate it by yourself:
Sample size : 10.7M
Download URL: http://download.sameshow.com/sample/sample.rar
Sample format: VOB
Player Require : Windows Media Player


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