Jun 3, 2007

Wondershare DVD Presenter Released---Presentation and Sharing—Playing PowerPoint on TV

June 3rd,2007 -Wondershare, the global award-winning provider of presentation tools, today announced the release of DVD Presenter V4.0, a powerful yet affordable conversion tool to convert PowerPoint presentation to video movie and burn it to DVD.

Have you ever imagined running your product promotion presentation on a big screen TV in front of a big crowd?
Have you ever imagined going to a presentation meeting only with DVD in your hand without your notebook computer?
Have you ever imagined sending your PowerPoint presentation to people who does not have PowerPoint or even a PC and let them watch it on TV?
Have you ever imagined burning your PowerPoint photo slide show to DVD to share with your friends and family together in front of a TV screen?
Have you ever imagined converting PowerPoint slide show to video and upload to YouTube/Myspace to show it online?

It is not just your imagination.

With Wondershare DVD Presenter, you can easily convert your PowerPoint presentations into eyes-catching video movie and burn it on recordable DVD/CD for easily sharing, convenient delivery, wide distribution. You can even use it to create engaging video slideshow for YouTube/MySpace.
Wondershare DVD Presenter is the ultimate PowerPoint presentations to DVD solution!

Main uses of burning PowerPoint presentations to DVD/Video

1 Distribution
A DVD presentation can be easily sent to your friends or customers.
Don't worry about whether they have a computer.
Don't worry about what types of system they are using now, Windows or Mac.
Don't worry about whether they have PowerPoint.
Don't worry about the compatibility of different languages.
Don't worry about how to protect the presentation from being copied.
2 Presentation
Normal Presentation:
As the alternative solution to projector, you can burn PowerPoint to DVD and play the DVD with a DVD player without physical location limitations.
Big screen Presentation:
Have you seen a big screen playing slideshow in front of a big crowd? For example: a car show, company show, product promotion presentation. By burning PowerPoint presentations to a DVD, you can play your PowerPoint presentation on a big Screen.

3 Sharing
Do you have a wonderful PowerPoint photo slide show?
Do you want to share with family and friends?
Why not burn it to DVD and play it on TV with friends or family sitting together to enjoy the movie in a warm, happy atmosphere?

4 Preserving
You would like to preserve some memorial scenes? You realize that it is not enough to make a slide show and store it on the computer. Now you find it is safer to back up it on DVD.

5 YouTube/Myspace show
You may not know a PowerPoint slide show can be uploaded as a video to YouTube. Now with DVD Presenter, you can convert your unique PowerPoint slide show to video and upload it to YouTube to show it online. See the tutorial here: http://www.sameshow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1811

Main features of Wondershare DVD Presenter

Wondershare DVD Presenter has won lots of praises with its powerful functions and easy- to- handle user interface. Below are the main features of DVD Presenter which can help you making wonderful DVD presentations.

Keep original PowerPoint animations, transitions and internal hyperlinks
DVD Presenter can burn PowerPoint to DVD with animations, transitions, audio tracks, video clips, action buttons, internal hyperlinks and other things you've added to the presentation.

Generate DVD menus with background music for easy navigation

Wondershare DVD Presenter can generate DVD Title menu for multiple presentations and Main menu for each presentation with background music. And what's more, the DVD menu can be customized with flexible buttons and background images. You can also control the presentation DVD play mode such as loop play, automatically play, manually play, list view, thumbnail view with a DVD remote.

High video quality with superior MPEG encoding ability
DVD presenter not only can burn PowerPoint to DVD directly but also can convert PowerPoint files to high-quality video in MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2) format. It enables you to view your presentations with a video player or a DVD player on TV.

Customize video output flexibly
Do you want to customize the output video aspect and quality? DVD Presenter enables you to select video aspect ratio from 4:3 and 16:9 to fit the screen, or define a specific display resolution up to 1920*1088 for the final output.

Extreme high conversion speed & Batch processing
You may have tried many PowerPoint to DVD tools, but be disappointed to their terrible conversion speed? Now, you came to DVD Presenter, and you made it! After all of that, you must have found DVD Presenter has the highest conversion speed in all of the PowerPoint to DVD conversion tools. With its batch processing ability, you can burn several PowerPoint presentations to one DVD at a time.

Preview before burning
As you know, DVD authoring process is a terrible long time. To save time for you, we created the function that only previewing the first 3 slides. With this function, DVD Presenter gives you full control of the output. By this way, you can get the PowerPoint presentations DVD you need accurately.

Neat and intuitive user interface
DVD Presenter has a neat and intuitive interface. You can even create a PowerPoint presentation DVD with only several steps by clicking the "Next" button

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System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista Microsoft
PowerPoint® 2000/2002/2003/2007

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