Mar 11, 2007

How to Insert Flash in Flash Presentation

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How to Insert Flash in Flash Presentation

A tutorial for flash newnewbie- How to Insert Flash in a Flash Presentation As a flash newbie , I can not handle Flash 8 skillfully.The thing is that I have some knlwledge of PowerPoint. To insert flash in PowerPoint presentation is troublesome especially when move or deliver the presentation. With a PowerPoint to flash conversion tool, things begin to work in an easier way. Basic:insert flash in PowerPoint presentation conver the presentation to flash Tool:PPT2Flash Preparation:**a PowerPoint Presentation containing the content you want to see in your Flash **Flash movies
Download the software PPT2Flash and finish installation.
The most import thing is that you select the plug-in mode of the two installation options.

1. Open PowerPoint and import a PowerPoint Presentation
2. Choose PPT2Flash in PowerPoint menu bar and select “insert Flash”.

3. Click to select the slide you want to insert Flash. (Two cases)
3.1 Click “insert” to insert the Flash file as an element in a slide. (Case 1)
3.2 Insert Flash as a new slide in your presentation. (Case 2)
Click the blank area near the “False” option and choose “True” in the drop-down menu.
Set the inserted flash before or behind a specified slide.

1. Choose “Publish” to convert the presentation to Flash
2. Select one mode to publish the presentation.
3. Click “Continue” in the above picture
Click “Start” to converter the presentation together with the inserted flash into an integrated swf file.
4.Wait for some time then you get a flash file.

Finally, I want to make a summary of this method. In fact, I do not insert Flash in Flash directly.
This PPT2Flash conversion software has a special feature of insert flash support. I insert Flash animation to the created ppt file before conversion with the software. As a result, I get an integrated SWF file out of the presentation and the inserted Flash. In other words, the first “flash” in my title means the inserted flash and the second one means the converted flash file.

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