Apr 23, 2008

Top 10 PowerPoint presentation tips to maximize the effectiveness of your online meetings

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Chances are either you have had to create a PowerPoint presentation yourself or you have had to observe one at one time or another. PowerPoint presentations have become one of the primary ways online meetings are conducted today. It is easy to put some slides together and then read them back to the audience verbatim. This approach however will make for a very monotonous meeting.

Days ago I have written an article “The principle of creating attractive PowerPoint”. I give some PowerPoint presentation tips such as not putting more text in the slide, telling the story by the person rather than PowerPoint presentation. Here I got 10 PowerPoint presentation tips from Lynn Marotta, the successful freelance writer and contributor to Web-Conferencing-Zone.com.

There are better PowerPoint presentation tips you can use to get your message across more effectively. The following is a list of our top ten PowerPoint presentation tips and techniques to help make all of your future meetings, whether offline or online, a big success.

1. Readability is important -- Make sure the font is large enough for everyone to see. Another tip to remember is too many words can make following along a burden for the audience. People will soon loose interest.

2. Stick to key points -- Only put the key points of the presentation on your PowerPoint slides. By following this advice, you can avoid the monotony of having your presentation follow verbatim what appears on each slide.

3. Use clear titles on each slide -- Each PowerPoint slide needs to have a clear title summarizing its purpose. Using larger, bolder font can help ensure the title stands out from the rest of the slide.

4. Use simple backgrounds -- Pay attention to the color selections you choose. Another tip is to make sure the background does not detract from the words or diagrams that appear. If you choose colors that are too dark, or patterns that are too bold, chances are the slides will be difficult to read.

5. Use graphs and diagrams -- Using visual images such as graphs and diagrams can really help to make a point. Images also help to break the presentation up a little bit and provide some visual interest.

6. Stay organized -- The PowerPoint presentation itself needs to stay organized and on topic. Make sure the slides are in the right chronological order and information flows easily and naturally.

7. Limit the number of slides -- Do not overdo the number of slides in your presentation. Keep the information presented on the PowerPoint slides themselves as short and concise as possible. You can always embellish verbally.

8. Speak clearly -- When presenting, speak clearly and try to be as enthusiastic and interesting as possible. People often think of PowerPoint presentations as dry and boring, but with a little creativity, you can be captivating.

9. Allow time for questions -- This is always a good practice to follow when conducting any meeting. PowerPoint presentations are no exception. Make sure you factor in a question and answer time into your allotted time slot.

10. Allow for future follow-up -- Depending on the nature of the PowerPoint presentation, it may be appropriate to provide your contact information (i.e., phone number, email, and/or website URL) so that meeting participants can follow-up with you should they have any further questions or wish to enlist your services.

The eleventh tip I think is, you can use some creative tool like PPT2DVD which can help you burn PowerPoint to DVD, and then you can watch your PowerPoint on TV. For some TV-conference and conference call it is very convenient.

With a little time and effort, you can really make your next PowerPoint presentation effective and memorable by following these simple PowerPoint presentation tips and techniques.

Apr 9, 2008

Play PPS (PowerPoint Show) on DVD Machine

PPS (PowerPoint show) is the PowerPoint file that can be opened by starting slide show directly instead of opening the editing view. You can "convert" a PPT file to PPS file simply by renaming the file extensions. To play a PPS file, you need PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer installed on your computer.

Quite often, you might have received a PowerPoint presentation with a PPS extension rather than the normal PPT extension from others? Why? No presentation is created for presenting to the author only. A presentation must be shown in front of a group or wider range of audiences. PPS can bring you to the slide show view directly, any better ways? I don’t think so. Now, another problem, what is a PowerPoint show usually created for?

A. Deliver to your families or friends but do not want it to be modified.

B. For merchant or business show

C. For some celebration thing

D. For teaching or training


We can modify the PPS files by renaming the extensions breezily so if you want to send your presentations to others and keep your presentations originally, PPS is not the best choose.

Let see PPS for merchant and business show. It is the good idea to use PPS for merchant and business show because it can economize the advertising fee. The most import thing is we can design and revise our advertising easily if we like, the hardware we need is a computer and a projector.

Using PowerPoint for celebration like anniversary celebration, graduation ceremony and birthday party is also a judicious decision. It impressed me much when I was invited to a graduation ceremony with my senior. They created a wonderful presentation and put lots of pictures which are the wonderful memory of their college life.

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are some inconvenient things when we use the PPS for the merchant and business show. Or maybe you have been puzzled in the birthday party without a projector. We just have computer, DVD player and TV. Did you have even thought converting your presentations to DVD and then you can play back your slide show on a DVD player or on TV? If we can, the problem can solve completely!

LCD TV can be found on the street everywhere and the ADS rolled. At home we have TVs and DVD players, why not take the advantage of these sets and play your presentation on them?

OK, now it’s a thing of converting PPS to DVD, or burn PPS to DVD.

PowerPoint does not have the built-in ability to save presentations as video files or other video formats such as DVD-Video and, even if it did, there would be significant losses of interactivity (because DVD-Video and PowerPoint slide show have very different capabilities in this area) and loss of visual fidelity (DVD-Video resolution is less than typical computer display resolution and most television will not render colors the same way that a computer display will). And how can we do this?

Two solutions of converting PPS to DVD:

1. Windows Movie Maker (WMM), Windows XP and Vista contain this free software so you probably have it. But the troublesome thing is, you must save the presentation to a series of images and then import all the pictures onto WMM. Click on Import Media and select the pictures you want to make a movie. Finally you can use a third-party program to burn the movie you made to DVDs.

The advantage of this method is that it won’t spend you a cent, but all animations, transitions and videos will be discarded.

2. The professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool PPT2DVD



PPT2DVD empowers you to convert your PPT or PPS to DVD with DVD menu powered and then burn it onto DVD disc. You can play your PPS presentations on DVD player with a TV set.

After converting your PPS to DVD, you no longer worry about others will modify your presentations, you no longer worry about the projector and your AD fee. Just enjoy your time when designing the merchant show and celebration with your DVD player and TV.

Apr 6, 2008

Make Your PowerPoint Presentations as Mobile as You with Burning PowerPoint to DVD

I saw an article called “Copy Your PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD” on the DVDshrinknow blog, the author said, “However, transporting the hardware to show your slides can be a problem, unless you have the capability to copy the PowerPoint slideshow to DVD. Now your presentation can be as mobile as you”.

Do you even image that you can take your presentation with DVD? Do you also think burn PowerPoint to DVD is an impossible thing? And what is the advantage of burning PowerPoint to DVD?

I do not want to offend the author, but I still post a topic Copy Your PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD on their forum, what I want to say is, it is not a problem with transporting the hardware to show your slides, you probably has heard some word like PowerPoint DVD, pps to DVD, burn PowerPoint to DVD and so on. You can just do the job with one click with the software PPT2DVD.

As a business man, PowerPoint is probably the essential tool to present vital information to your company, your shareholders, or whoever needs the information. The slides encourage conciseness with professionalism. As a teacher, it is a great way for your to progress smoothly through your lecture. While you are talking, the notes came directly from the information on the slides. As a student, when you design your project, it is both visually appealing and informative to create a PowerPoint……

Since PowerPoint is an excellent tool for students, teachers and businessmen, we do can not work without it. But, to take your laptop everywhere to show your slideshow is a troublesome thing. Just imagining how much easier it will be to save a PowerPoint slideshow to DVD. Now, you can slip the DVD in a briefcase, a backpack, or a pocket, and take your presentation with you.

PPT2DVD is just the software that can burn your PowerPoint slideshow onto DVD. You can show your presentations on DVD player with a DVD remote control. Follow the 4 steps below,

1. Import the PowerPoint files

2. Configure settings or use the defaults and skip to the next step

3. Create professional look DVD menus with built-in templates

4. Start the burning process

Just slip the DVD in a briefcase, a backpack, or a pocket, and take your presentation with you and Make Your PowerPoint Presentations as Mobile as You with Burning PowerPoint to DVD.

The principle of creating attractive PowerPoint

For years, I have been working for helping people solve PowerPoint problems, specially creating DVD or video from PowerPoint. Lots of people get puzzled on the question “How to create a presentation attractive”. And most of them have difficulties of finding out resources to “fill” their presentations. They think the more information contained in the presentation the more attractive the presentation is.

Anyway, PowerPoint is Not a Game of “Let’s See Who Can Put More onto a Slide.” I know it kills you a lot of time to prepare for your presentations. To do a stunning presentation you have to inquire knowledge on the internet which is related to your topic, but, we should follow the principle which is very near and dear to us, that is, don’t let the slides tell the story, let the presenter tell the story! The slides are just your backup and your outline.

Maybe there is a rift in the age groups of the users. Those who are beginning with PowerPoint just see it as a tool that can show something by a projector. Maybe someone will think cramming 10 or more lines of text or some colorful images onto a slide can tell more to the audience, if so, why not use Microsoft word? We hope we can “grow up” with PowerPoint.

Please remember: "There’s nothing deadlier in a presentation than having a lot of text on a slide and reading every word…”