Apr 6, 2008

The principle of creating attractive PowerPoint

For years, I have been working for helping people solve PowerPoint problems, specially creating DVD or video from PowerPoint. Lots of people get puzzled on the question “How to create a presentation attractive”. And most of them have difficulties of finding out resources to “fill” their presentations. They think the more information contained in the presentation the more attractive the presentation is.

Anyway, PowerPoint is Not a Game of “Let’s See Who Can Put More onto a Slide.” I know it kills you a lot of time to prepare for your presentations. To do a stunning presentation you have to inquire knowledge on the internet which is related to your topic, but, we should follow the principle which is very near and dear to us, that is, don’t let the slides tell the story, let the presenter tell the story! The slides are just your backup and your outline.

Maybe there is a rift in the age groups of the users. Those who are beginning with PowerPoint just see it as a tool that can show something by a projector. Maybe someone will think cramming 10 or more lines of text or some colorful images onto a slide can tell more to the audience, if so, why not use Microsoft word? We hope we can “grow up” with PowerPoint.

Please remember: "There’s nothing deadlier in a presentation than having a lot of text on a slide and reading every word…”

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