Nov 8, 2007

Make a merchandise presentation for Christmas promotion

Make a merchandise presentation for Christmas promotion

As Christmas approach, suppliers and retailers are all busy making plans for the golden season. We all love it for its promotions and shopping opportunities.

To show your merchandise lively to customers, you may plan to make a merchandise presentation and show to customers on a big digital screen.

Do you know how to make this kind of presentation and how to put it on a digital screen?

You can buy services and equipments with thousands of dollars from companys that provide this kind of solutions. But that's NOT what I recommend. There is a DIY solution which only cost about $100.

Now, let's begin!

Step1: Preparation

Software: Microsoft PowerPoint, Wondershare PPT2DVD

Hardware:  TV set, DVD Player

Step 2: Make the presentation

Make the product presentation with PowerPoint. You can add transitions, animations, sound and movie clips.

Step 3: Burn to DVD

Import: You can import up to 9 presentation files at a time.

Setting: At the "Play options" tab, make sure "Play the slides automatically" and "Loop Play" were checked.

Burn:  Burn to DVD with a DVD Burner( either PPT2DVD built-in burner or Nero)

To learn more how to use PPT2DVD, please check here:

Step4: Connect the DVD Player to TV set

Make sure your DVD Player and the TV set are connected.

Insert the DVD to DVD Player, and the merchandise presentation can loop play continuously.


More advantages:

1.       By putting the merchandise presentation on DVD, you can package it to the merchandise as a free gift.

2.       You can also show your merchandise presentation anywhere with a portable DVD Player.


Phil said...

another option is to have it made for you. this company made a great customized video presentation for me.

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