Apr 30, 2007

Create SmartArt and Share It!

SmartArt can be said as the coolest improvements in Office 2007, especially in PowerPoint. Yes, it is cool! Any plain text and bulleted items can be converted to vivid diagrams and graphics. Before Office 2007 had been launched, it is difficult for start users to make impact graphics or diagrams without the help of graphic design gurus. Things are different in PowerPoint 2007. Even beginners can easily develop professional look flow charts, hierarchy structure diagrams, and relationship graphics by themselves.

Since processes, concepts, hierarchies, and relationships can be illustrated in text, why we need SmartArt graphics?

SmartArt visualizes concepts and ideas that might not be efficiently explained with plain text. SmartArt can be customized to coordinate with your presentation.PowerPoint 2007 allows you turn the bulleted text from the early version PowerPoint presentations to dynamic graphics by one click.SmartArt graphics may clarify you presentation for better communication and understanding of the content.

Now, please allow me to introduce you some basic knowledge of SmartArt.

There are seven types of SmartArt including, List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid. By names, it won't be hard for you to figure out which type you will need under specific situation. After you applied a SmartArt graphic, you are allowed to change its theme and style by few clicks. PowerPoint 2007 allows you to convert bulleted text to dynamic SmartArt graphics. I built a flash-based tutorial about how to convert bulleted text to SmartArt graphics, you may view it from here.

After you created those professional looking presentations, you may want to put them on your web site to show for your customers. Since PowerPoint presentation does not support web delivering very well, it comes to be the biggest obstacle to improving the accessibility of your presentation. Three solutions, one is provide a download link of the presentation, the other one is outsourcing a flash professional to make a flash-based presentation, and the last choice is convert PowerPoint presentation to Flash movie than upload it to your web site.

It's obvious that the first solution costs less than the other two. But this approach challenges your customers' patience. Many of them would not download and have a look at your presentation unless they are highly interested in your products. Your customers will probably prefer your second solution, because for them, it is time saving and intuitive. For compensation you pay more money on this approach than others. Then, how about the third choice? As for as I know, only two companies have announced that their products support PowerPoint 2007, which are Wondershare PPT2Flash 4.1 and FlashDemo FlashPoint. If you need to make presentations frequently, the third solution must be the best choice. You may download and learn more about them by visiting the links on Resource Box.

Resource Box:
Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional:
Overview: http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash-pro.php?sid=6
Download: http://support.wondershare.com/stat/?action=down&id=10&sid=6
Sample: http://www.sameshow.com/demo/ppt2flash2007_sample.zip

FlashDemo FlashPoint:
Overview: http://www.flashdemo.net
Download: http://www.flashdemo.net/download/flashpoint.exe


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