Sep 17, 2007

YouTube videos to PowerPoint --PowerPoint add-in

PowerPoint MVP Shyam Pillai has developed a useful add-in "YouTube Video Wizard". This add-in allows you to easily insert YouTube videos to a PowerPoint slide. You need only provide the YouTube video URL that appears in the browser address bar and the rest is taken care of by the add-in. The add-in works for PowerPoint 97, PowerPoint 2003, and the later version PowerPoint 2007.

The add-in can be downloaded at:

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Sep 10, 2007

Deliver PowerPoint from the gadget in your pocket

Good Morning! For pocket devices are so popular nowadays, I guess you must have a gadget in your pocket, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, Zune, PSP, or BlackBerry? If so, you should be interested in the news and tips of today.
News of Today: Wondershare PPT to BlackBerry released.
This is a fancy tool which can convert PowerPoint presentations to BlackBerry AVI video.
With this tool, you can send your PowerPoint presentations as video to anyone whose pocket device supports AVI video. And you can watch your presentation on your nifty BlackBerry anytime anywhere.
Tips of Today: You can also convert your PowerPoint presentations to AVI video with
Wondershare PPT to BlackBerry and upload the video to YouTube/MySpace or burn to DVD.

Thanks again!
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Sep 4, 2007

Spread PowerPoint presentation courses worldwide on DVDs

Spread PowerPoint presentation courses worldwide on DVDs

Have this ever happened to you? You've created a compelling PowerPoint presentation which is looking forward by lots of people, but you have no choice but attach the huge package in the email to others for sharing, or carry your heavy box wherever you go. The problem is, what if the receipts or audience do not even have access to a pc, or might not have the right version of PowerPoint viewer, or have the attached media files lost during the delivery. Needless to say, the effort you spent on the presentations returned nothing to you but only complaints, pities, and lost opportunities.

Wondershare PPT2DVD is the first and so far the top program that brings the idea to Convert PowerPoint to DVD which is about to give an end to the above troublesome cases.

With Wondershare PPT2DVD, you can easily burn one or several PowerPoint presentations to a single DVD with the animations, transitions, audio tracks, video clips, action buttons, internal links in the original PowerPoint retained.

By burning PowerPoint presentations to DVD, you can get 5 benefits for distributing
1. No need computer, PowerPoint presentations can be watched on TV sets which can be easily found.
2. No need to worry the PowerPoint version and platform system differences, PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on any computer with Windows media Player or QuickTime player.
3. Bring PowerPoint presentations from online distribution to offline distribution through DVDs, Which is more stable and trustable to send your PowerPoint presentations.
4. It provided a solution to backup several PowerPoint presentations on one DVD.
5. It is accessible to send huge PowerPoint presentation above 100M.

What's more, by burning PowerPoint presentations on DVD, you can not only play the presentations with a DVD Player on TV anywhere, but also control the playback just use a DVD remote. This is more acceptable by common users because it coincident to the custom.